Mary Hipp is Vice President of Marketing for Think Media Studios, Cleveland’s leading video and event production company. She joined the AAF-Cleveland Board three years ago as an associate member. She became a full Board member and then served as Membership Chair before becoming President.

“We joined AAF Cleveland because of the networking opportunities for our business,” Mary explains. “It made sense to attend events where the opportunity to generate new business was abundant. After attending several events and becoming club sponsors, being on the Board seemed like the next logical step to getting more involved.

“AAF Cleveland has a reputation for attracting the brightest and the best of Cleveland’s adcom community,” she continues. “It’s also a very active board.  This is a group of people who always strive for the next best opportunity to serve our members and every single board member contributes their time, talent, and treasures. That’s the kind of board I want to be a part of.”
Though Mary says she didn’t start out with leadership aspirations, serving under some inspiring leadership “planted a seed in my head that this could someday be something I would pursue.  When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.

“I like the idea of being a part of something that yields positive results year after year,” she adds. “The track record of this Board and this club is incredible and I get to be a pivotal part of it.  It’s truly one of the highest honors.”

Mary has big goals this year for AAF-Cleveland: “I want us to be AAF CLUB OF THE YEAR!  It sounds trivial, but winning Club of the Year means that we are fully serving our membership in every way and continuing to run an organized, financially sound chapter.

“We are also in the final year of a three-year Strategic Plan,” she continues. “One of my main goals is to bring our chapter across the finish line of that plan while making sure that we are in a good place to structure our next three-year plan. Our chapter is also focused on corporate membership and increasing revenue, including the development of club sponsorships and building our long-term investment account.”

Mary believes that creating and supporting a strong advertising community in greater Cleveland is AAF-Cleveland’s biggest value. “I think if you polled our membership, it’s the sense of community and networking opportunities we facilitate for our folks. I have heard on countless occasions from small businesses, single members, and even large agencies that being a part of this community brings together professionals from otherwise potentially competitive environments and unites them as individual parts of a bigger organization. “

When she’s not at her job or working with AAF-Cleveland, Mary says she is “a very busy mother of three children ages 12, 10, and 6. I am also a marathon runner and triathlete. I am training for an Ironman in July 2017 so that takes up a lot of time. I love being active and spending time with my children – they remind me to slow down and appreciate individual moments.”