Meet Dave Ballengee, Chairman

Dave Ballengee of AAF-Columbus is Chairman and a past Governor of District 5.

Q. Where do you work and what do you do? 

A. I am sole proprietor and Creative Director for Insero Group, LLC; we just turned nine in November. We are eight exceptional strategic and creative entrepreneurs who are experts in their individual areas of expertise. Each partner has over 25+ years in their respective industry. We offer everything you’d expect from a traditional agency including strategic marketing and branding, advertising, interactive, SEO, and public relations. What’s not traditional is that we are 100% virtual, so we have no overhead and we can pass the savings on to our clients.

Q. Why did you want to be part of AAF? What value does AAF bring to you as an individual and to your business?

A. I love what AAF stands for and the people I’ve met over the years. This is my family and these are the people I relate to and go to bat for, as they do for me and my business. There is no industry like ours, and I can also say that for our association, the AAF-Columbus chapter, and D5.

Q. Which local AAF chapter do you belong to?

A. I’m a member of AAF-Columbus. I was membership chair for three years and President in 2013-2014.

Q. What made you want to become an AAF District leader?

A. I wanted to pass along my experience, expertise, knowledge, and passion for our organization with our D5 clubs. When I was a chapter president, I had no idea what D5 was and wish I’d known about this valuable resource and available talent. I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure that D5 clubs are aware of the District leadership by being more visible, assisting them in any capacity they need, and offering best practices, leadership, and knowledge.

Q. What are your responsibilities on the D5 Board this year?

A. I’m District Chair of the American Advertising Awards. I plan to put on a sound District awards program and also communicate with local clubs with reminders and tips to help them put on their own successful events.

Q. How does D5 bring value to the members in our district? 

A. We have an amazing amount of expertise, experience, and thought leadership between the D5 Board and our advisors. We’ve been there! And we need to always be present and visible helping our clubs’ leaders through the entire AAF process at every level throughout the year. Helping club leaders succeed helps local AAF members.

Q. What do you do in your free time? What do you enjoy most?

A. When I’m not slaving in the yard or taking care of our bloodhounds, you can find me on my Road Kind cruising around the streets of C-Bus!