The Fifth District of the American Advertising Federation represents the affiliate advertising clubs and federations of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The American Advertising Federation is the only national grassroots trade association encompassing all segments of the advertising industry, including advertisers, agencies, corporate marketing departments, broadcast and print media companies, industry suppliers, college chapters, and national trade associations engaged in various advertising pursuits.

District 5 is a vital bridge between AAF-National and our professional and student chapters. We help chapters in our district deliver higher value to their members through leadership training programs. We help students and future leaders of our industry experience the excitement of developing real advertising campaigns through the national NSAC competition. We also recognize and celebrate industry excellence through the American Advertising Awards.

AAF helps local ad clubs have an even more powerful voice and influence in their local business communities. Each of the local ad clubs is part of AAF’s network of 50,000 professionals in all corners of the United States.

The local ad clubs in District 5 sponsor a variety of programs, including meetings with top industry speakers, professional development workshops, educational seminars, scholarships, public service initiatives, social events, and local award competitions. Many District 5 chapters have been honored by AAF-National with best-in-the-nation Club Achievement Awards for outstanding club operations and activities.


Michael Seay


David Caldwell

1st Lt. Governor/Leadership Chair

Bethany Beaman

2nd Lt Governor/NSAC Chair

Alexis Bennett

3rd Lt Governor/District Comms

John Mccafferty

Chairman/Membership/N3AC Chair

Barry Shawgo



Melissa Olson

AAF Akron, 2018-2019 President

Charlie Martin

AAF Cincinnati, 2018-2019 President

Amanda Terman

AAF Cleveland, 2022-2023 President

Jackie Robles

AAF Columbus, 2022-2023 Co-President

Drew Collins

AAF Columbus, 2022-2023 Co-President

Alesia K Campbell

AAF Dayton, 2022-2023 President

Jen Bryant

AAF Lexington, 2022-2023 Co-President


AAF Lexington, 2022-2023 Co-President

John Rivers III

AAF Louisville, 2022-2023 President

Scott Grosteffon

AAF Toledo, 2022-2023 President