Meredith Wilkins | AAF Louisville

Meredith Wilkins, President of AAF Louisville, the largest chapter in AAF District 5, is an Account Supervisor at Sheehy, an agency offering comprehensive marketing and advertising services. Now in her sixth year on the AAF-Louisville board, she previously served as Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Education twice, Vice President of Public Service, and First Vice President.

Meredith joined AAF because she enjoys being part of the advertising community. “I work for a small agency, so connecting with others in the industry gives me access to resources I may not have within my company,” she explains. “I also enjoy getting to know folks with varied backgrounds.”

Meredith says the professional and personal value from her involvement with AAF-Louisville made her want to “continue the fun and give back a bit” as a chapter leader. Her goals this year include “focusing on collaboration to increase member engagement.” She points to a new social media campaign to promote membership called the “Perk Alert” as one of the innovative programs AAF-Louisville is implementing.

When she’s not serving clients and the members of AAF-Louisville, Meredith enjoys being with her husband and dogs. “I love to hike, cook, travel, and referee soccer, but what I usually do the most is hang out with my husband taking pictures of our dogs.” Here’s Meredith with her black and tan lab mix, Lucille, and her lab/plott hound mix. Booker T, who she says “is all chewing, barking and snuggles.”